Board Members

Max Ciolino, President
Max Ciolino is a Louisiana native and enthusiast. Somewhere between gutting flooded houses after Hurricane Katrina, and standing on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico as oil from the Deepwater Horizon washed ashore, he gained a thorough appreciation for what we stand to lose through environmental negligence. Since then, he has studied environmental policies, and worked with other residents and activists in the hopes of bringing New Orleans to a more sustainable future through collaborative community efforts.

Dean Boyer, Treasurer
Dean Boyer is a native of California who has lived in Singapore, South Africa, and South America. Dean came to New Orleans to attend Tulane Law School and instantly fell in love with the city and its people. Prior to attending law school, Dean worked as a fundraiser and community organizer for a non-profit environmental organization in California. He also worked as shipping coordinator and customer service representative for, an online retailer of eco-friendly home products. Dean is excited to work towards making his adopted home more beautiful and sustainable. In addition to being treasurer of No Waste NOLA, Dean is also on the board of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, a New Orleans-based public utility consumer advocacy group.

Nikki Holley, Secretary

Gabriel Bordenave, Board Member

Jane Patton, Board Member
A long-time activist against disposable plastic and a native Baton Rougean, Jane is also an education data analyst working to empower young people in New Orleans communities. She has a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University and is keenly interested in protecting her local community for this and future generations.

Isabel McCay Clark, Board Member
Isabel Clark is a native New Orleanian working in Promotional Advertising. As a family, she and her two grown children have a strong passion for the outdoors and in particular all things Louisiana. She would very much like to see New Orleans become environmentally progressive!

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