City Wide Composting

The inaugural project of No Waste NOLA is the Single Use Plastic Bag Ban; however, we intend to begin advocating for a City Wide Composting system soon. If you are interested in taking the lead on this project, please e-mail

Composting is a natural process that can be used to transform food scraps, and other biodegradable materials, from garbage to a nutritional input for your garden! Significantly, the City of New Orleans spends nearly $40 Million per year on waste collection. By redirecting biodegradable materials from the landfill to a composting facility, the City of New Orleans can save money while making New Orleans a more sustainable city.

A number of cities have begun experimenting with full-scale composting, such as San Francisco, Portland, and New York City. Hopefully New Orleans can join them soon?

For more information, you can check out this article from Governing States and Localities, this article from EarthShare, or this editorial about San Francisco’s waste reduction strategies from Alternet.

We’ll keep you posted as we develop this program!

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