Opinion: why plastic bag fees are important

Read what this columnist has to say about the importance a plastic bag fee would have in Tacoma, Washington and how similar regulations have impacted cities across the country. Hopefully, we’ll soon be adding New Orleans to the list of cities with this type of waste reduction!


Plastic waste impacts human health

“Over 10m tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year and is worn down into trillions of pieces of plastic.”
Check out this article about the impact of plastic on people’s health. As this article points out, plastic photodegrades and becomes micro plastics, which becomes a part of the air we breathe and the seafood we eat. Read how important it is to make our city waste-free!


Follow up with your representatives

Since HB 192 was deferred last Thursday, we would like y’all to send follow-up emails to your representatives. Deferring this bill demonstrates support for local governments and the environment.

TO: berthelotj@legis.la.gov, huvalm@legis.la.gov, billiotr@legis.la.gov, bouiej@legis.la.gov, carters@legis.la.gov, davisp@legis.la.gov, edmondsr@legis.la.gov, gloverc@legis.la.gov, hilfertys@legis.la.gov, jenkinss@legis.la.gov, lyonsr@legis.la.gov, marcelled@legis.la.gov, nortonb@legis.la.gov, pughs@legis.la.gov, richardj@legis.la.gov, smithp@legis.la.gov, whitema@legis.la.gov, willmott@legis.la.gov, barrast@legis.la.gov, legerw@legis.la.gov

Dear Representatives:
Thank you for listening to testimony today regarding HB 192, Representative Hollis’ bill to prohibit local ordinances regulating certain containers and bags.
While I could not attend this meeting, I want you to know that I am AGAINST this bill, as I believe that local elected officials should retain the right to regulate my everyday environment.
I understand that HB 192 was voluntarily deferred last Thursday morning, and I hope that you would vote NO, should this bill come up again in the near future.

Help us stop this bill!

Hey y’all! We’ve been petitioning, calling legislators, and working with organizational partners to our greatest abilities, and HB 192 has been deferred again! In a limited session, time is every bill’s enemy, so let’s keep up the pressure and kill this thing! Keep signing and calling! Also, please let us know if you want to come oppose the bill in the committee! We will help with carpooling and organizing.

Tell your representatives to kill the bill!

HB 192 is set to go to Committee this Thursday, so we need y’all’s support to kill this bill! Please sign and share our petition, and continue calling the members of the Committee!
We would like y’all to call:
John Berthelot: 225-647-5646
Joseph Bouie: 504-286-1033
Stephanie Hilferty: 504-885-4154
Patricia Haynes Smith: 225-342-7106
Jerome Richard: 985-447-0999
Thomas Wilmott: 504-465-3479

Call Hollis and Willmott!

Action alert: You know the drill – call, baby, call!
Paul Hollis (St. Tammany Parish): (985)871-4680
Thomas Willmott (Jefferson & St. Charles parishes): (504)465-3479
Please say to whoever answers the phone (including voicemail): “I’m calling as a Louisiana voter to express my opposition to HB192. This bill is an overreach of state government, and I’m asking you to kill it before it even leaves committee.”

Call Hollis and Richard!

Action alert: Holla at ya legislators, y’all.
Paul Hollis (St. Tammany Parish): (985)871-4680
Jerome Richard (Lafourche Parish): (985)447-0999
Please say to whoever answers the phone (including voicemail): “I’m calling as a Louisiana voter to express my opposition to HB192. This bill is an overreach of state government, and I’m asking you to kill it before it even leaves committee.”

Check out this article about Sen. Appel’s opposition to HB 192

“[Senator Conrad Appel] cited a bill by Rep. Paul Hollis of Covington that would kill a proposed New Orleans ordinance requiring New Orleans shoppers to pay more for paper or plastic bags. Because grocery bags greatly contribute to urban waste, two members of the City Council have proposed a 5-cent fee on paper bags and a 10-cent fee on plastic bags.
‘That’s a city decision,’ Appel said, ‘and state lawmakers have no business getting involved in it.'”
Thanks for the support, Senator!